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Who We Are

Welcome to Potomac Social! We are a company focused on offering top of the line social media post management services that you can rely on. We are focused on providing you high-quantity and high-quality article, image, and video posts that will grow your business.





We are professional group of social media specialists with experience managing social media accounts for businesses. When working with us you get a dedicated social media manager who will craft the perfect amount of content for each of your social media pages and schedule them to go out at the most ideal times for achieving the best user engagement.





We are all about making things simple.  There are no contracts to worry about and no hidden fees.  Connecting your social media accounts takes less than a minute and doesn't require you giving us your passwords.





We are also about transparency.  This is why we display all our pricing up front so you can make an informed decision without going through hoops.  And we even let you know what methods we use to increase your pages' engagement and follower count while fully complying with the terms of service for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.





Best of all, we stand by our work and if you employed our strategies but are still not satisfied with the results, we'll give you a 100% refund of your payment for the current month as well as give you 2 additional weeks of our services for free, no questions asked. 




Industries we work with

Real Estate / Mortgage





Some of our clients include...